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Directed by Max Rose-Fyne and Edward Sansom

"Hotel" is the final video, shot-in-one-take, being released by Edward Sansom for his 4-part sequel. His earlier releases in the order of "Sweet FA", "Livin' it Up" and then "Fake" tell a continuous story of a character within modern society. "Sansom has created a captivating concept in his recent releases and it has attracted collaborations with upcoming videographers."

Introducing ~ The New Video from Edward Sansom and Max Rose-Fyne
Kicked off the Pier ~ Saved a life ~ Stopped by Police ~ Drunk Red Wine.

"Livin' it Up" gained support from blogs. Hot Wax Promotions (2017) said: "The tension escalating throughout, formulates for the energetic charge in the chorus. The infusion of catchy lyrics, intensive riffs and a punchy beat will make this track circulate your head for weeks..."